Submissions are open until June 2nd for the Speak Up, Rise Up festival

There’s a new festival in town, produced by Asher Novek*: Speak Up, Rise Up. It’ll be at the Connelly Theatre in August and you could be in it, maybe. Learn more about this unique festival, donate money to the crowdfunding effort (or volunteer to work the festival), and, most important, submit your show idea. You’ll get a whole hour, plus a real theater to perform it in.

*Asher has been a storytelling performer and producer for the past 4 years, leading workshops with the Moth, Civic Hall, and the Field Innovation Team.  He has coached and directed solo shows, and produced a monthly show in Brooklyn for the past 3+ years. He’s also a professional community organizer, working on local issues, mostly in Brooklyn but has worked on citywide issues as well.  This festival really looks to combine both of his passions — community organizing and storytelling.

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