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I’ll be appearing on The Whole Story podcast, chatting with hosts Julia Whitehouse and Asher Novek, and fellow guests Lori Baird and Sara Shelton, about storytelling and mental health. That’s currently scheduled for release on Wednesday, June 14th on iTunes and elsewhere.

On Father’s Day Sunday I’ll be telling a new story about (wait for it) my father, along with two other people named Julie telling stories about their fathers (plus a fellow named Christopher). That’s on June 18th at the Story Social Father’s Day Show at QED Astoria in (wait for it) Astoria, Queens at 3:00pm.

On Sunday, July 9th I’ll be in Robin Bady’s wonderful living room show, Badyhouse Storytelling Concert at 6pm. I’ll be doing my best to entertain for a full half hour there. I’ll tell another brand new story about pain, suffering and the mysteries of the mind. It’ll also be funny, I promise.

Want me in your show or on your podcast? Ask me and maybe I’ll say yes.

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