Tips for posting a calendar event to Modern Stories

A featured event

I love posting your events! Here are some pointers for making the most effective calendar listings possible, while making it easier for me to post them.

  1. Before you ask me to post an event, check to see if it’s already on the calendar. It might be.
  2. If it’s not, then create a Facebook page (using the tips in this post) for your event and send me the link. That allows me to pull in all the information easily.
  3. Include important details in the copy of your event, including:
    • The time and place (including a full address so Google Maps can do its magic).
    • How much it will cost — if it’s free, you’ll want to emphasize that fact because New Yorkers are poor and cheap!
    • Who’s producing it (and, if you don’t mind, a means of contacting that person).
    • Non-obvious stuff like needing to get there early to sign up for an open mic, if there will be cake, etc.
  4. List your event on Facebook as early as possible, so I can get it on the calendar in my weekly update.
  5. While you’re at it, also promote your event on the NYC Storytelling page so you get even more eyeballs.
  6. Tell other people about the calendar so they can see your stuff and we can grow this awesome scene.
  7. Has your repeating show moved? Or gone on hiatus? Or died (I’m so sorry)? Let me know so I can update or remove your listings.

Remember that benefits and fundraisers get a featured listing for free. So does having me on your show. Or you can donate $20 or more and get your events featured for an entire year. For newcomers to the calendar, here’s a post with more details about what it is and how get the most out of it as a producer, performer or fan.

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