New York Times: Subject Appears Anxious

And in today’s news, I got a byline in the Grey Lady.

I wrote this piece, “Subject Appears Anxious,” for The New York Times’ Opinionator, a collection of blogs in the online version. This was published in the Opinionator’s Anxiety section.

The piece is essentially a highlights reel of my life of panic attacks. It shows a broad range of panic-inducing scenarios and, unfortunately, covers just a fraction of the number of panic attacks I had over the course of 30+ years. I wrote it after reading Obedience to Authority, Stanley Milgram’s account of his famous behavioral science experiments at Yale in the 1960s. I was attracted to the idea of presenting such visceral and personal material through the cold, objective lens of white-coated (and often clueless, yet also empathic) observers.

A few scenarios were trimmed by the Opinionator’s editor, but you can read them here.

Thanks for reading!


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