Mix Episode 20: Drew Prochaska

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Modern Stories Mix features Drew Prochaska, a two-time Moth StorySlam winner who has been featured on the RISK!, Dear Show, and Audible’s Stories in Session podcasts. A graduate of The Tisch School of Arts Dramatic Writing Program, Drew’s writing was regularly featured on the website of Running with Scissors author Augusten Burroughs. He lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with his dog, Lula.

Drew’s story, “Teeth,” was recorded in the Modern Stories Studio in Westchester, NY and produced by Julie Threlkeld. In-story and outro music was composed and performed by Mike Enright (“My Next Life Not This One” and “Theme from a Mondo Cane Remake (Eyedrop mix)”). Other in-story music was composed and performed by Cherly KaCherly (“Outside the water drop there’s more rain drops. We jump from one to the other on our way to the pond.”; “I have proof. The world is a drop of water falling slowly to it’s end”; “The drop is hitting the ledge. All that’s visible is the city falling apart. She’s no where around”).

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