Mix Episode 19: Marc Abbott

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Modern Stories Mix features Marc L. Abbott, a storyteller, writer, playwright and filmmaker born, raised and living in Brooklyn, NY. Marc is a 2015 Moth StorySlam and GrandSlam winner. He hosts a monthly storytelling open mic, Maaan, You’ve Got to Hear This! at Precious Metal in Bushwick. His one-man show, Of Cats and Men: A Storytellers Journey, will appear again on August 12, 2016 at The Unicorn at 105 Henry Street, in Manhattan’s Chinatown. He also co-hosts the twice-monthly podcast Beef, Wine and Shenanigans.

Marc’s story, “Bonded Pair,” was recorded in the Modern Stories Studio in Westchester, NY and produced by Julie Threlkeld. In-story music was composed and performed by Jon Luc Hefferman (“Curious” and “Discovery”) and Kai Engel (“March”). The outro music, “Mayfly” was composed and performed by Albin Andersson.

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