SoloWeek Interview: Terri Mateer

SoloWeek — presented by The Tank — is a week-long festival of solo shows that’s coming to Standard ToyKraft in Brooklyn from December 7-12. My schedule is such that I’ve asked the performers to engage in DIY interviews. Over the coming weeks they’ll email me answers to my questions, or record them (in which case I’ll publish them in more storytelling festival podcast editions).

I’ll post more information about the festival as it becomes available. But, for now, first out of the gate is Terri Mateer, whose solo show, A Kind Shot, is well established and well traveled.

What’s your show about?
It’s about some life events that inspire the idea of looking out for each other.

Why did you create it?
To share myself with others.

Who is your show for?

Have you done anything like this before?
Not really. I did a show called Going Public — however, that was more like characters with no storyline. This one is me telling a story about my life events and I use basketball as a metaphor because I used to play professionally.

How are you making use of theatrical or technological elements?
Very minimal. It’s about who’s there that night or day to experience it.

What else have you done in storytelling?
This is the first story told piece (I think) as far as it being in the theater world. I have performed it at several venues and festivals for about three years. I have developed it in front of audiences so it’s different each time I do it.

Where do you think storytelling is headed? As an art form? As a commercial medium?
Not sure…but I think it’s the base for all good movies, plays, entertainment. I think if there is a good story, you can add more theatrical elements or not. I’d like to see it as a way of teaching, coaching — reaching those who might not be so inclined to go to a traditional theater.

What else should be know about you and what you’re doing?
I am taking steps to perform A Kind Shot for Title IX programming. Anywhere. Colleges. High Schools. Sex ed platforms. Anywhere that might help bring light to it. Many women and men as well come up to me after the show and say now they can talk about stuff they have never talked about or that they now recognize in others what’s going on and that Title IX would be a good way to reach broader audiences. 

Anything else you’d like to plug?
I got invited to do the show at the Midtown Theater Festival. Nov, 17, 21, 22 at 7:30, 7:30 and 5:15. It’s at 312 West 36th Street Workshop Theater’s Jewel Box Theater on the fourth floor. For discount and reg tickets you can go to my website:

Where can we find you?
Twitter: @terrimateer
Web: or

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