Mix Episode 6: Michelle Walson

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Modern Stories Mix features Michelle Walson, founding producer of the RISK! live show, award-winning filmmaker, storytelling teacher and doer of many other storytelling things. Michelle also just directed Generator — my first solo show — and now I know that she loves her clipboard as much as I love mine.

Michelle’s story, “It Gets Better,” was recorded in the Modern Stories Studio in Westchester, NY and produced by Julie Threlkeld. The outro music, “Lumpy Gravy,” was composed and performed by Jason Staczek.

Other music included is by Jason Staczek (again), Digital Primitives, Podington Bear (based on a work at http://soundofpicture.com), Unremiti Fit, Vholtz, and The Fischermen. See the “Sounds” tab for full attributions and links.

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Sound effects are courtesy of Freesound.org, Sound of Picture and the Free Music Archive.

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