Standup Set: Talk Therapy (January Edition)

I don’t perform standup comedy that often, but I make an exception for Talk Therapy Stories. This show, hosted by my good friend, Lori Baird, recently came out of its hiatus after finding a new home at Q.E.D. in Astoria. It’s an exceptionally intelligent and humane show, and I’m always amazed at the quality of not only the storytellers but also the people who come to do the open mic. Lori features a comic at the start of every show to kick things off with some comedy about mental health. This is the second time I’ve done standup in this show, and I’m booked for February and March to do more of it. So come on down if you like what you hear. It’s five bucks and if you tell a story you’ll get a cookie and a hug.

For more info:

Talk Therapy Stories

Q.E.D. Astoria: A Place to Show and Tell


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