Sex on the Beach

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Tell It: Brooklyn, a monthly show in Park Slope, which features the tagline “Storytelling for Grown Ups.” What a great open mic and show! The two hosts, Susan Kent and Victoria Scroggins, are welcoming, friendly and hilarious — and both are excellent storytellers in their own rights.

This was the final edition of the show in the defunct-as-of-this-morning Bar 4. Rumor has it they’re moving to another venue nearby. Wherever they end up, you should go. They’re also expanding the Tell It empire into Manhattan with (ready?) Tell It: Manhattan.

This is a new story I’ve been wanting to take out for a spin. It is part of a set of three stories that I’m working on that are all loosely connected around the theme of “public sex.” I guess you could say I’m spreading my, er, wings.


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