Pitch a Story

Please Read Me

First thing’s first: please listen to a few episodes of the podcast before you pitch. That will give you a good sense of what kinds of stories I use.

Pitching Your Story — and What Happens Next

Please include a complete summary of your story — beginning, middle and end. Also, it’s fine if you’ve recorded this story in a live performance before, but I’d like to avoid recording and producing a story that’s been put out there already as a studio-recorded story (or that you’re already known for telling). And if you’re performing anywhere soon, please provide show details.

We Set a Date

You propose three evening dates that work for you and I’ll pair you up with another storyteller (or two!) on the same evening. You’ll be coming to lower Westchester, so bear in mind that it will be a late night for you. Plan to commit from roughly 6pm-10pm, not including travel time.

You Come to Westchester

I’m about 30-40 mins on Metro North from Grand Central Station (on the Harlem Line, so you can catch the train in Harlem as well) and about a 25 minute drive from midtown Manhattan or Astoria, Queens.

I Ferry You to My House

I’ll pick you storytellers up at the local train station and drive you to my house. There I will serve you some things to eat and, if you like, something to drink, although as far as booze goes it’s BYOB at the moment. We chat a little and relax and then we go into my recording studio and get to work.

We Head Into the Studio

There’s room for two of us in my cozy audio closet. You can sit in a chair (or stand if you prefer) and I’m literally a foot away from you, recording. The other storyteller sits outside the room and (if it’s okay with you), listens to you telling your story through headphones. You’re welcome to tell more than one story, by the way. But I do want you to at least tell the one you pitched. It doesn’t have to be told perfectly. We can do retakes if you screw up, or you can try alternate versions of things if you wish.

And We’re Done!

You’re welcome to hang out and chat, or not. Either way, I’ll drive you back to the station in time to catch the next train.

Now Your Story is In My Hands

If I use your story (and I use most of the ones I record) I’ll edit it, lovingly apply some sound effects, and music (either my own or others’). When that’s all mixed I record a little outro with some basic biographical information about you. I build the show page, slap that baby up onto the podcast feed, and release your opus to the world. Then I promote it (and I hope you will too).

Important Things

There are just a few important things you need to know:

  • No “readings” allowed — notes are okay, but you’ll be here to tell a story that sounds spontaneous and fresh, not read a written piece
  • Trains run infrequently in the evenings, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the clock to get home at a decent hour
  • I have two cats — nice ones, but they’re cats

Pitch Form

Get In the Mix!

Are you interested in being on the Modern Stories Mix podcast? I’m looking for storytellers who:

  • Have a compelling story to tell that’s 15-30 mins in length
  • Will be comfortable telling it into a microphone in a small space
  • Are willing to travel up to Westchester one evening for this adventure

Check out the “Please Read Me” tab so you can see what’s involved.

Ready to pitch?

Provide your contact info, your pitch, and three dates that would work for you to come to Westchester to record. I’ll reply as soon as I’ve had a chance to review it.


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