Q.E.D. is bringing storytelling (and more) to Queens!


QED: A Place to Show & Tell is an exciting addition to NYC storytelling. At least one excellent show that was without a venue, Talk Therapy, has a new home there, and there are other storytelling shows starting up in the space.

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Mourning Person


If you’ve never been touched by suicide, then it’s something you can’t fathom. And as such you are a lucky, lucky person.

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The Honest Truth


Is it okay to lie sometimes? Yes. Yes, it is.

Recorded on 7/21/14 at Happy Hour Story Hour at UCB East, hosted by Julia Wiedeman.

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New and Improved NYC Storytelling Calendar


Finally, there’s a centralized calendar of NYC storytelling events. (But its usefulness relies on your participation, producers and hosts.) Fortunately, it’s easy to subscribe to and easy to add events to.

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Cold Soup


A mundane bowl of soup transforms itself into a life-altering lesson in the nature of memory. Reworked and updated for 2014.

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Here I tell a story of my family’s acquisition of not one but two dream homes in California in the 1970s, a time during which we were clearly living — and loving — beyond our means.

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My Writing Process: The Blog Tour

Toot! Toot! Next stop: the My Writing Process Blog Tour! This blog series offers a chance for you to read about how other writers write, and perhaps discover some new writers in the process. We each answer four questions about our writing, then tag three other writers who publish online.

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I’m in DUCTS!

Illustration by Yuliya Kashapova

Here’s a piece of memoir I contributed to an online webzine. It’s extremely sad. Sorry about that. I feel better now.

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Relationship Math

Today I have prepared for you a sandwich
But I’m not going to cut it in half
It takes effort to find the bread knife,
Cut the sandwich with no incidents
Of injury or sandwich destruction
Then clean the knife and put it away

We are going to eat our sandwiches
In one sitting
So it doesn’t make sense to me
To cut them in half

I have considered the fact
That it is easier for you to eat your sandwich when it is cut in half
I know that it would give you pleasure to have this option
It would also make it easier for you to talk to me

I have carefully weighed the value of your pleasure
Against the trouble I would have to take
In order to cut your sandwich in half
And I have determined
That my displeasure outweighs your pleasure
In this particular case

I have also looked at the future implications
Of my removing this tiny pleasure from your life
As well as the removal of time spent engaged
In potentially meaningful conversation

If we ate sandwiches together every day
Then I believe the long-term, cumulative effects
Of my selfishness would take its toll on our relationship
And you might eventually stop loving me
But since we only have sandwiches about once a week
I feel that the impact will be negligible

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing


There is something to be said for entering any new year with no preconceptions about one’s personal, spiritual or creative life. Imagine my surprise, then, when all of those areas improved remarkably over the course of the year. So here’s to all of us who are conjuring up something beautiful out of thin air and doing the things that are so very hard, especially the things that other people can’t even see.

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