Submit an Event

There are two ways to submit an event for promotion on the calendar: via email or via a form. If you’re listing events on Facebook, it’s very quick now.

Read these handy tips to make your listing the best it can be.

  • BEST: If you’re listing your events using a Facebook Page (not a Group):
    Email me the URL of the page. I’ll automatically pull events from it and list the ones that are relevant to NYC storytelling going forward.
  • BETTER: If you’re listing an individual Facebook event:
    Email me the link to the event on Facebook and I’ll do the rest.
  • GOOD: If you’re not using Facebook:
    Use the submission form to submit an event.

And, finally, a tip: the earlier your event gets on the calendar, the more likely it is to be seen by the people who are subscribing to event listing updates. So promote early and often.

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